Scale Colors

Scale Colors™ was envisioned nearly ten years ago but like all well-intended projects, didn’t materialize until a need arose. That need came about as a result of a 1/200 Trumpeter USS Missouri, a 4-foot long plastic model kit of a very large ship. It was almost immediately realized that the typical 1/2oz. bottles of paint simply weren’t going to work, so we started experimenting with alternative paints – automotive, industrial, even commercially-available interior paint. Nothing worked like we’d intended, so we connected with a paint chemist and starting formulating a completely new formula of acrylic paint. The results of 3 months of testing and mixing were Scale Colors, a water-based acrylic paint that is specifically color-matched to historical colors.

Scale Colors’ first release group includes the principle colors for US Navy warships from 1942 to present day. As time and demand allow, additional colors will be added covering a wide array of subjects, from warships to aircraft, armor, and sci-fi subjects.

In addition to paint colors, the owners of Scale Colors are re-launching the idle WARPIGS™ brand of washes and scale modeling pigments, with 5 wash colors and 20 pigment colors expected to debut in the 1st quarter of 2019. The addition of pigments and washes will allow modelers access to countless combinations of weathering and contrast in their miniatures.
Scale Colors is not a factory-based paint company. Scale Colors is owned and operated by modelers, who are simply trying to address a need that currently exists for warship modelers.

Scale Colors™, WARPIGS™, WARPIG WASHES™, are registered trademarks and may not be used for commercial purposes without the express written consent of the trademark owners.


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